The agency (or our playground)

Daiji [Day-G]. From the Japanese word (大事) meaning «important».

In 2014, Daiji took a significant turn by specializing in gamification.

Nowadays, it is important to feel useful and appreciated for who we are, whether as an employee or as a consumer. Recognition: that’s one of Daiji keywords. It is imperative to remain attentive to the people and, above all, to show them that without their support and interest, companies would quickly shut down.

Commitment is the essence of gamification. We create entertaining and unique experiences tailored to the very identity of your business.

Our experts

The Brains behind Daiji

Yannick Gagné
Yannick GagnéFounder and Chairman | Strategist and Human Marketing Consultant

Modern times scholar, Yannick spends most of his time perfecting the latest techniques related to his field.

With over 10 years of management experience and a degree in marketing and communication, he decided to found his own firm with his life partner. Thus, he can finally unleash his full creativity.

His interests: gamification, marketing, advertising, development strategies, behavioral economics, game design, video games, role playing, storytelling, psychology, Eastern philosophy, data analysis, research, optimization [+]

Maya Bernatchez
Maya BernatchezCo-founder | Artistic Director and Playful Illustrator

Maya left her native Gaspé to study graphic design in Montreal. After a few years in catering and customer service, she became a graphic design and illustration freelancer. She then founded, with her partner, her own consulting agency specializing in gamification of marketing and branding.

Her main interests are: art, video games (RPG and horror), reading, baking and music. In addition, when time allows it, she writes her own stories for young and old.

Our partners

Ghislain Guy
Ghislain GuyImmersion Numérique, President
Computer polyglot, Ghislain speaks more than 26 programming languages. With over 12 years experience in interactive programming, he’s the ideal partner for any IT project.