About Daiji

With gamification, the Daiji agency develops strategies and scalable engagement systems.

Loyalty systems or the banana call

Loyalty systems are popular, and have been for a long time. Think of our parents who, since the 90s, carry their coffee cards or hoard their Canadian Tire money and Air Miles points. Today, 80% of Quebec families have at least one loyalty card in their wallet.
Sweet 90s…
At Daiji, we describe these systems as […]

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Daiji: An agency who puts the power of games at Business disposal!

It’s indeed the new positioning that Daiji formally adopts today. We’re providing business with strategy and design for customized and scalable gamified systems.

Gamification: gami whut?
Gamification integrates game mechanics and psychology in a system with the goal of developing customers or employees engagement.

For over a year, Daiji worked on creating an ideal method by studying […]

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