Back to the roots

Today, technological advancements happen daily.

In a year, how many times do you see a new trendy electronic gadget being launched? A new smartphone (the 12.0 version)? What about an updates on your favorite social media, your computer or your tablet?

Rather complicated to keep the pace in all this mess, isn’t it?

But when we think about it, what stay constant and must be considered regardless of your project?


Our primary and basic needs remain the same. Once our physiological safety needs are addressed, it is necessary to feel accepted, valued and fulfilled. Humans also need to have fun: it’s in their nature.

At DAIJI we work so your brand meets these innate needs. This way, you will create a unique relationship with your clients. They will feel connected, involved, recognized, estimated …

And your business goals will become theirs.

Contact us and discover how we can help you develop a brand directed toward human being.


Our clients


“The Daiji agency have a great knowledge of her field. Its direction, creative concepts and strategies were extremely effective. Working with her was a pleasant and rewarding experience.”
Andrew Infantino, Copper Branch
“I recommend the Daiji agency since it offers several ideas that make their clients stand out. Their attention to detail and professionalism leave, figuratively speaking, an indelible mark on the business activities of enterprises.”
Carl André Fontaine, Pixel Design
“The Daiji agency helped me to target my real needs and concentrate on my goals one step at a time! Artists often need this kind of approach and a competent team that streamlines for them. They offered me emotional support and encouragement that helped me to go through with my plans!”
Noe, Noe
“My experience with the Daiji agency was perfect. The efficiency and capability of their team made sure that work was delivered on time and completely according to the needs we identified at the planning meeting. Moreover it is always nice to work with a dynamic and flexible agency. Thank you for the good work!”
Sophie Poirier, Spa l'Entracte Détente