Marketing is dead: long live to the social and human revolution!

New generation. New reality.

With the proliferation of advertising messages, the 2015’s consumer barely pay attention to all the classic marketing signals. Exacerbated, and helped by the social web revolution, he decided to rely on social networks and word of mouth to make its purchasing decisions.

Bill Lee, Harvard Business Review – August 2012


Marketing as we know it is over. Consumers are completely disillusioned by always having the same advertising and loyalty program strategies under their nose. Reality is depressing due to the total numbness of the population toward consumption and toward the messages conveyed by companies.


Switch from an aggressive and annoying marketing to something social, human and effective!


Playful or gamification? That’s the question!


Playful design

A fun oriented strategy will capture and keep your audience attention, so it’s perfect for a first contact. Using the propensity of human beings to want to have fun, we can create unique and exciting experiences that will reach the goals of your company while keeping the interest of your clients or your employees.

Do you often share bland and boring content on your social networks? Surely not ! An entertaining content has tremendous viral potential and is much more likely to be spread widely. After all, who doesn’t like to laugh and have fun?

Combined with gamification, playful design will brings you the most amazing results!

Playful design can take several forms: advertising games, promotional games, contests, fun advertisements and promotions, symbolism and iconology, illustration or visual design. Whatever your goals are, a playful solution is available!

Marketing gamification

This is not about creating games, but rather to be inspired by the psychology and behaviors that are used in the gaming industry and who generate fantastic levels of commitment. It is therefore to make game-like non-game situations and procedures that are required in different industries.

Gamification is not to simply reward with points and badges. It is rather to influence human behavior that companies want to encourage in their employees or their consumers by understanding what motivate them as human beings. To achieve this, gamification focus on everybody basic needs such as belonging, esteem and fulfillment.

With gamification, we will create a network connecting all your communication tools:

Website, mobile application, social networks, events and classic advertising.

Gamification include a robust arsenal of game mechanics including luck, competition, collaboration, knowledge sharing, badges, points, leaderboards, status, achievements, exploration, teamwork and so much more.


Our secret weapons: to add value to your brand.





  • Gamification;
  • Inbound marketing;
  • Social Media;
  • Branding;
  • Content strategies.

Data gathering

  • Surveys;
  • Quiz (fun polls);
  • Conversion rate;
  • Involvement with your brand;
  • Users interests.


  • Advertising gamification;
  • Event gamification;
  • Engagement strategy;
  • Loyalty system;
  • Recognition system.

Playful Design

  • Promotional games;
  • Advertising games;
  • Contest games;
  • Game-like advertising and events;
  • Icons, illustrations or designs.

Latest technologies

  • Gamified interactive website;
  • Gamified mobile application;
  • Augmented reality;
  • UI/UX;
  • Social medias.

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